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A large part of Horizon 2020 requires the set-up of teams, so-called consortia, with partners from various countries. Typically, consortia can include a large variety of members from various sectors (academia, large industrie, SME, associations…) and backgrounds. Putting together a consortium that includes partners whose expertise complements one another is an important guarantee for success.

A consortium must be composed of at least three participants coming from at least three EU Member States or associated countries (legal entities must be independent of each other). Each consortium must be comprised of a coordinating organisation (coordinator).

Various domain-specific websites exist to facilitate partner search. They are often hosted by networks of National Contact Points. 

List of Partner search tools and websites

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Annex A - List of Countries and Applicable Rules for Funding


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Annex C - Standard Eligibility Criteria


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List of Horizon 2020 Associated Countries

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"Finding Partners" in the Horizon 2020 Online Manual