Science with and for Society

The aim of the specific objective "Science with and for society" is to build effective cooperation between science and society, to recruit new talent for science and to pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility. 

"Science with and for Society", often abbreviated as SwfS or SwafS, is the continuation of the "Science in Society" part of the Capacities specific programme, under Framework Programme 7. EUR 462,2 million in current prices are foreseen for this part of Horizon 2020. 

Why "science" and "society" need each other

Talent and ideas need to be taken up, no matter where they come from. This is only possible if "science" and "society" talk to - and work with - each other. This is a chance for science to become more responsible - and for policies to be more relevant to citizens. Developments such as new ethical, legal and social considerations, and the economic crisis have made support from policy-makers and citizens even more important. As investment into science comes to a great extent from public sources, it is important that citizens are aware of current developments - and have the opportunity to engage actively with science. 

European funding for responsible science

In this context, the EU will fund projects that make scientific and technological careers attractive to young students, promote gender equality, foster formal and informal science education, or make publicly-funded research more accessible. 

In the 2016-2017 Work Programme, four main calls will cover the following domains: 

  • Institutional Change to Support Responsible Research and Innovation in Research Performing and Funding Organisations
  • Embedding Responsible Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation
  • Strengthening the Science with and for Society Knowledge-Base
  • Developing Inclusive, Anticipatory Governance for Research & Innovation

Most topics are so-called "Coordination and Support Actions", with one topic in each call being a "Research and Innovation Action".