Research and Innovation in Luxembourg

Luxembourg enjoys a high level of socio-economic development and is open to the outside world, both economically and culturally. Both companies and the research sector have succeeded in attracting talents from all over Europe and beyond. 

Luxembourg’s research and innovation landscape as we know it today is relatively young. The first public research centres were established in 1987; in the same year, the first framework law for public research was adopted. But the RDI landscape is continuously being further developed in order to strengthen national research and innovation and make it more competitive on international level. 

For a small country such as Luxembourg, international collaborations are essential. In fact, Luxembourg's research and innovation actors are actively involved in numerous Horizon 2020 and FP7 projects and seeks to further increase their involvement in projects. 

Public research in Luxembourg

Since the establishment of the first public research centres towards the end of the 1980s, the public research landscape in Luxembourg has developed considerably. Today, several actors make up the public research environment in Luxembourg. They are from various fields and do research in multiple areas.

Key innovating sectors

Numerous innovative companies have chosen Luxembourg as their home base. They cluster around the following sectors.

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