Retirement Savings Vehicle for European Research Institutions (RESAVER)

Researchers face  difficulties in preserving their supplementary pension benefits when moving between different countries. To overcome this problem, the European Commission is supporting a consortium of employers, through Horizon 2020, in creating a single European pension arrangement (RESAVER) that will offer a defined contribution plan, tailor-made for research organisations and their employees.

RESAVER will be a state of the art retirement savings product that will enable mobile and non-mobile employees to remain affiliated to the same pension vehicle when moving between different countries and changing jobs. At the same time RESAVER will lower asset management charges and provide better access to high quality investments.
In 2014 the employer consortium will prepare the ground for the effective establishment of RESAVER with the aim of transferring the first contributions as of 2015. The initiative should remove pensions as a barrier to researchers’ mobility and contributes to the realisation of the European Research Area. 

Who can participate?

RESAVER is open to all public and private organisations within the European Economic Area that employ researchers. This may include Universities, research institutions, SMEs and funders; collectively referred to as research institutions. Enrolment is not restricted to researchers but open to all employees (subject to local legislation) of research institutions.


For more information regarding the mutual learning seminars and other events please contact the RESAVER secretariat: 

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