Our guiding principles

We are inspired by these principles in our daily work.


We know that it is essential to obtain a first reliable response quickly. We therefore endeavour to respond to your first inquiry within three business days. In most cases, we will then schedule an appointment in order to talk about your project ideas and discuss further action. We might accompany you during various weeks or even months in order to position your organisation in relevant European projects or calls.


As members of domain-specific meetings with the European Commission and other Europe-wide networks, we might learn about opportunities relevant to your organisation early on. As facilitators, we are committed to inform our clients about opportunities that we consider relevant to their business as we understand it.  


Luxembourg is a small country – for better or for worse. This also means that we give individual meetings priority over informal communication and take pride in the trust relationship that we have developed with many of our partners over the years.


Horizon 2020 introduces many novelties compared to FP7, which required internal adjustments and reconfigurations. We also constantly endeavour to adapt to changing needs by paying attention to formal and informal feedback. What worked well, what did not? Your feedback is valuable to us.


As national delegates in expert groups convened by the European Commission, we work with an official mandate to represent Luxembourg research and innovation actors. We are attentive to your input on domain-specific issues and are eager to make our collective voice heard by the EU policy maker. 


Contact your Horizon 2020 National Contact Point in Luxembourg today. Let us discuss your project idea together.

ncp.horizon2020 (at) luxinnovation.lu

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