Legal & Financial Management of Horizon 2020 projects

Date: 09/06/2016

The Horizon 2020 National Contact Point in Luxembourg hosted European Commissions legal staff offering a one-day training course on legal and financial management. 

Knowledge of financial rules and legal provisions is necessary to manage Horizon 2020 projects. Daily project management can be made easier and errors can be avoided when basic principles are known and understood.

The one-day training focused on the most relevant legal and financial issues in Horizon 2020 projects, such as personnel costs, contract types, cost categories, or subcontracting. The course is offered by the European Commission’s legal services as part of a Europe-wide communication campaign. The slides are available for download on this page. 


Personnel cost calculation

  • Actual personnel cost vs unit costs
  • How to calculate actual personnel costs: formula
  • Periodicity: financial year
  • Time-recording requirements
  • Options for annual productive hours

Additional remuneration

  • Definition
  • Basic remuneration vs additional remuneration
  • Decisional tree
  • Additional remuneration ceiling

Types of workforce contracts

  • Employees VS other staff
  • What contract under what budget category

Direct costs

  • Identification and measurement
  • Eligibility Conditions


  • Subcontracts Vs Contracts
  • Characteristics and eligibility conditions

Third parties

  • Types of third parties 
  • Obligations for Disclosure

Synergies with other grants

  • Basic principles
  • Objectives
  • Benefits

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