Horizon 2020 SuperBIO Project

Date: 24/01/2017

THE « INRA Toulouse White Biotechnology » is coordinating an Horizon 2020 Project called SuperBIO : "Support and partnership for new industrial value chains in the bio-based economy“ and funded 3.8 M€ from 06.01.16 to 11.30.18. Luxembourg is part of the targeted perimeter.

SuperBIO is an innovative project supporting the development of promising industrial value chains in the bioeconomy by offering a personalized coaching and 75% discount on services (ACV, Scale up, Techno-Economic analyses, Market Research, etc.) by project partners.

To apply, SMEs have to present cross-border and cross-sectorial aspects. The value chain has to be constituted by at least 3 partners ( Feedstock provider, Biotech R&D company and End user).

A workshop organized on 4 April will aim to present the project and to focus on this sector’s advances.

More Information to understand SuperBIO on the project’s website : http://www.h2020-superbio.eu/

TWB : http://www.toulouse-white-biotechnology.com

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