European Parliament to approve Horizon 2020 framework programme

Date: 21/11/2013

The European Commission today welcomed the European Parliament's adoption of Horizon 2020, the next EU research and innovation programme. With a budget of nearly EUR 80 billion euro over seven years, Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research programme yet, and one of the biggest publicly funded worldwide. It is also one of only very few programmes in the next EU budget to see a strong increase in funding – a nearly 30 per cent jump in real terms over the current Seventh Framework Programme. EU Member States must now give their final seal of approval ahead of the first calls for proposals under Horizon 2020, currently set for 11th December.

While the European Commission underlines the future "investment in knowledge and competitiveness in Europe", the European Parliament's official communication highlights the positive impact that the Horizon 2020 programme will have on Small and Medium sized Enterprise. 

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