Data sets on Horizon 2020 projects in ICT released

Date: 06/09/2016

A new version of datasets for Horizon 2020 ICT projects is now available on the Digital Single Market website.

The datasets, which include over 6000 lines, cover projects funded in 2014 related to ICT from the LEIT ICT, Excellent Science, and Societal Challenges (Health, Reflective Societies, Security) parts of Horizon 2020.

The datasets provide details on the call, H2020 Pillar, Strategic Objective, scheme, legal status of project partners, their geographical location and on the EC grants amount.

A row is generated for each organization participating in a project, as projects include multiple partners, and an organization can be partner to various projects.

A short presentation provides some analysis on the data set. 

Further data, including visualisation tools, are also available on the webpages of the Digital Single Market initiatve.

For further analysis, comprehensive data on ICT projects funded under FP7 are available.

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Horizon 2020 ICT dataset - 2014 xlsx

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