Active and Assisted Living (AAL) - Call for Proposals 2017 launched

Date: 21/02/2017

The AAL Programme is a common funding activity of partner states of the AAL Association,with the financial support of the European Commission, based on article 185 of the Treaty onthe Functioning of the European Union.
The aim of the AAL Programme is to provide innovative Information and CommunicationsTechnologies (ICT) based solutions including products, systems or services to enhance olderadults’ quality of life, to improve long-term sustainability of the health and long-term caresystems and to strengthen the industrial base in Europe. The main goal is to improve theautonomy, participation in social life, skills, and employability of older adults2. Solutionsfunded under the AAL Programme address identified wishes and needs of the end-users, aretransnational, collaborative and cost-shared between private and public funding. AAL projectsaim to introduce solutions to the market within a maximum of 2 years after finalisation of theproject.
For further information please visit the Central AAL website :  Central AAL website

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