How to find open Horizon 2020 calls

Horizon 2020 is implemented through calls for project proposals. This procedure ensures that the allocation of EU funding is transparent and open to all. The number of programmes and calls can be overwhelming. Below are five ways how to stay informed about calls that concern you.

1. Download Work Programmes

Work Programmes are PDF documents regrouping all calls foreseen for a certain period. Currently, Work Programmes cover the years 2016 and 2017. All Work Programmes can be accessed on the H2020 Participant Portal, under “How to participate” - “Reference documents”. The versioning in the document name indicates that the documents have been modified, for example concerning the exact budget figures.  

In a way, you do not have to wait for a call to “open” as you can also foresee its open and closure dates since the publication of the Work Programme. The relevant Work Programme is also available on the respective topic site.

2. Select calls

On the Participant Portal, under “Funding Opportunities” and “Calls”, you can filter calls in various ways.

  • Status: Select “open” to view all open calls, for example.
  • Programme: tick the box of the programme that interests you
  • Filter: the box below allows you to make an open text search

3. Use the keyword search

The Participant Portal also includes a keyword search under “Funding Opportunities”, “Search topics”. Just like google, the search box will complete your term when you type it.

4. Subscribe to RSS

The Participant Portal offers RSS feeds. RSS is still a useful tool that allows to be notified of changes on sites that one follows. To learn more about how to use RSS feeds click here.

  • Calls: this feed notifies you about the opening of calls on the Participant Portal.
  • Call Updates: this feed tells you when call sites have been updated (for example, when a FAQ has been uploaded, if the deadline has been extended, etc..)

5. Download the calendar file

The call calendar is a file (.ics) that you can open for example in Outlook. By selecting the file, deadlines for all calls will show in your calendar.

Good luck!